What is Wedel TV?

There is a lot going on in Wedel: Wedel TV is there. Wedel has many faces: Wedel TV wants to show them. Our film reports about events, activities and people are distributed via our YouTube channel Wedel TV. We can also be found on Instagram and Facebook. Our motto: Wedel in picture and sound.

With our online chronicle of ongoing events, we want to strengthen the cohesion of the people in Wedel, whether they were born near our Roland or have moved here from Karlsruhe or Kabul. Because only those who know what is happening here and who is active here will find their own place and feel at home in our town.

The owner of Wedel TV is the registered non-profit association Wedel Medien e. V. Our association has set itself the goal of enabling people in Wedel to actively, but also critically, use new media, especially young people and people with a migration history. In this way, we strengthen social participation.

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